SciC Linux CLuster Accessing Local and PAS Groups


Partners Authentication System (PAS) groups allow the data owner / lab manager to control who has access to their storage or Adopt-a-Node resource on the Scientific Computing (SciC) Linux Clusters.  To administer PAS groups you must have taken the "Keygiver" training.  PAS group support was introduced in 2018; SciC Linux Clusters groups created earlier than this are legacy "local groups" which can be transitioned to PAS groups on request (email

Obtaining a PAS group

Prerequisite Training

  • Take the "Keygiving - PAS" training if you have not done so already
  • Please follow these instructions, using course code IST064 (Keygiving - PAS):

    Keygiving - PAS training is required to obtain access to the Personnel Authorization System (PAS) system and become a Keygiver. This training is available as a self-paced course in HealthStream. Here’s how it works:


    Magnifying glass

    Sign in to HealthStream. Go to:

    Search for "MGBE PAS & Keygiving Training" in the course catalog.

    the Course

    Presentation with media

    Once you find the course, click Enroll.

    Complete the course and required knowledge check whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for you!

    Access to PAS


    PAS access is granted weekly on Thursdays to those who complete the course before Wednesday at 11:59 pm. On Thursday afternoon, students will receive an email confirming their PAS access.

    You'll also receive instructions for obtaining Keygiver rights to specific systems and SFAs.

    If you have an open ticket for a new SFA, it will be updated to confirm you’ve completed training. As long as both Keygivers listed have PAS access, the SFA will be created. Upon setup, you’ll automatically be made a Keygiver.


        • If further assistance is needed, please contact the Service Desk.
        • Configuration Item: PAS (For ITIL Users)

Requesting a PAS group

  • After completing your training you submit a request for a PAS group by searching for "galen global group (request)" at the Digital Service Hub or simply follow the link here

If you are unable to access the webform then at the Digital Service Hub you will need to  search for ITIL and make an "Elevated Access Request" so that subsequently you can access the "galen global group (request)" webform as mentioned above. Please use the assignment group "Client Support Services - phs" for the correct location of the ticket.

If, for some reason, you are still having difficulties then you can submit a generic ticket to ( with the following information:

    • In the GROUP NAME entry, replace INST with your institution code (e.g. MGH or BWH) and PROJECT with a short name for your lab or project.  

Description: We need a PAS group to work on the SciC Linux Clusters.
CI: HPC SciC Linux Clusters
PRIMARY KEYGIVER: Full Name - PartnersID
DESCRIPTION: Group to administer access to shared space for INST-PROJECT on the SciC Linux Clusters.


but please be warned this is the least efficient approach since the ticket may take some time to arrive at the correct department.

  • Once your PAS group has been provisioned add and remove users at using the "Partners Authorization System" tool

Making a request for Storage

After your PAS group is created, visit and sign up for "SciC Linux Clusters BriefCASE" storage, providing the PAS group name in the request form.


Giving a user access via PAS Group

Permission for Partners Authentication System (PAS) groups is shared by designated key givers through the following steps.

  • On the PAS app, Search for the recipients username.

  • Select Account, then Edit SFA Authorizations.

  • Find the correct group and click the access being requested, followed by the add button

  • Click Apply and enter credentials to complete process

A more detailed guide to using the PAS app can be found here.


Gaining Access to a PAS Group

  • To become a keygiver for a PAS group, you can follow the steps listed here.
  • If you only need read or write access to a PAS group, you can ask a keygiver for these permissions. If you cannot find who the current keygivers for a PAS group are, you can follow the steps here.


Local Group Access

Access to local groups can be requested when creating a SciC Linux Account and it will be automatically forwarded to the group admin. Since 2019 all new groups have used the PAS system to control access instead of local groups.

If you already have an account but not the group access send an email with the request to and CC your PI or Admin of the group for confirmation.




If you are unable to access group nodes or group file systems within the Scientific Computing (SciC) Linux Clusters, the problem could be that you do not have the correct group permissions. You can check what groups you are a part of by using the command:

$ groups

You can identify a group as a local group if it is all lowercase (ex. erisone, scicomp, fuse). PAS groups will be all uppercase with dashes separating each part (ex. BWH-RESEARCH).

If you need to request access to a group please find first the type of group that you need access local/PAS and do the following:

Go to KB0039183 in the IS Service Desk