Self Enroll Process

Apple laptops & desktops purchased after September 2013 with Partners funds are automatically enrolled in the PEAS program. Find out if your Mac is enrolled into PEAS by opening your Applications folder. If Self Service is available, you're enrolled! To open your Applications folder, use the shortcut ⌘Command-Shift-A from your desktop or Finder. 

Macs purchased prior to 2013, and any personally owned device used for business purposes can Self Enroll for PEAS services. This takes less than 2 minutes. 

  • Visit and enter your Partners username and password
  • An installer package called QuickAdd.pkg will automatically be downloaded
  • Double click QuickAdd.pkg to launch, and follow the on-screen steps

Detailed step-by-step instructions with screenshots are available in our Knowledgebase article, or open a Service Desk request if you'd like the assistance of a technician. For information on un-enrolling from PEAS view our FAQ.