Partners in Excellence Awards

November 19, 2018 11:15 am

The annual Partners In Excellence (PIE) awards program is one way to publicly acknowledge staff members for their “above and beyond” efforts in support of the Partners HealthCare mission. We are thrilled to announce that our very own Dimitar Dimitrov, is an Individual Recipient of a 2018 Partners In Excellence Award for Leadership & Innovation.

Well-deserved recognition also goes to the following teams that are part of the Research Information Science & Computing team:

  • Research Patient Data Registry - Partners HealthCare Team Recipient
    • Mariah Mitchell
    • Laurie Bogosian
    • Katerina Bronstein
    • Katherine Du
    • Hanani Pong
    • Martin Rees
    • Irene Reske
    • Hyme Schacter
    • Jianqiu Wang
  • Data Management Plan (DMP) Template Team - Partners Network Teams with Partners HealthCare Leadership
    • Kim Durniak,Office of the Chief Academic Officer
    • Ryan Schlimgen, Compliance, Audit & Business Integrity
    • Claire Hunter, Compliance, Audit & Business Integrity
    • Fabio Martin, Information Systems
    • Brent Richter, Information Systems
    • Lynn Simpson, Information Systems
  • All of Us Research - Program Partners Network Teams with Partners HealthCare Leadership
    • Natalie Boutin, Partners Personalized Medicine
    • Xander Cerretani, Partners Personalized Medicine
    • Kevin Embree, Information Systems
    • Ana Holzbach, Partners Personalized Medicine
    • David Nguyen, Partners Personalized Medicine
    • Shubham Pathak, Partners Personalized Medicine
    • Matilde Vickers, Information Systems

Vivian Gainer also received special recognition for her Diversity & Inclusion Unity efforts!

To see a full list of winners and ceremony details, visit the Partners Pulse (internal site).