Getting Started with REDCap

February 26, 2021 10:00 am

In collaboration with the Harvard Catalyst, REDCap is a free, secure, web-based application hosted by Partners Research Computing and designed to support electronic data capture for research studies. To learn more about REDCap visit:

This course will provide a high-level overview of the REDCap tool. Learn about study start-up, project life cycles, data management, and how to program data fields and branching logic. There will be time devoted to the user’s Q&A and design questions.

The Learning Objectives include:

  1. How to access REDCap and request new projects.
  2. Understanding the types of projects that REDCap can support.
  3. How to collect data, the different methods to send survey invites, and to collect data directly from participants (self-reported) in clinics.
  4. How to program data collection instruments and utilize the program features.

The course is geared toward investigators and staff at all levels interested in the utility and capability of REDCap for research. Participants may find it helpful to view our online videos prior to attending:

REDCap link:

Friday, February 26 | 10:00-11:30am | Via Zoom

Instructors: Lynn Simpson, Research Data Collection Services Manager

Jeremy Alphonse, Research Data Collection Services Project Analyst Research Information Science and Computing (RISC) Applications and Services

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Please contact Tiereny Morrison-Rohlfs with questions.