REDCap Scheduled Downtime

November 9, 2020 1:57 pm

REDCap Upgrades to v.10.0.25 Scheduled:

REDCap ( upgrades to v10.0.25 scheduled for Friday November 13th, 6:30AM ET are complete. REDCap was offline from 6:40-7:25 AM ET.

This upgrade includes a number of new features and bug fixes:

New feature: Record-level locking: This feature allows users to lock an entire record (as opposed to locking individual instruments) so that none of the record’s data can ever be modified unless someone with record-level locking/unlocking privileges goes and unlocks the record again.

New feature: Field Embedding: Field Embedding is the ultimate way to customize surveys and data collection instruments to make them look exactly how you want. Field Embedding is a Shazam-like feature that allows you to reposition field elements on a survey page or data entry form so that they get embedded in a new location on that same page. Embedding fields gives users greater control over the look and feel of your instrument. Users may place fields in a grid/table for a more compact user-friendly page, or they can position fields close together in a group if they are related.

Full release notes

New Features, Changes, and Major Bug Fixes

If you have any concerns about REDCap being offline at this time or any questions about these new features, please email