RStudio R Data Analysis Environment


Analyze data stored on the ERISOne Linux Cluster using RStudio.  RStudio is an integrated development environment for R Statistical Computing.

To follow this guide you must already have an account on ERISOne.


There are two options available, but connecting to RStudio Server in your web-browser is recommended in most cases

option 1: RStudio Server in a Web-Browser

  • Connect to
    • You will be prompted to enter your Mass General Brigham user ID and password TWICE
    • It is necessary to be connected directly to the Mass General Brigham computer network or on VPN.
  • To install packages please use the method "curl".
    >install.packages("your_package_name", method = "curl")
  • When done working, please be considerate of other investigators and Quit Rstudio if you will not be using the session again
    • To close permanently choose "Quit RStudio..." from the RStudio "File" menu
    • To disconnect in order to return later to the running session simply close the web page

option 2: RStudio Application in a Remote Desktop

The RStudio stand-alone application does not have access to as much memory as the RStudio server. Using this approach is for when your R analysis requires a small amount of memory or if you are developing an interactive application (such as with Shiny )

  • In the remote desktop, find RStudio in the Applications menu under "Programming"


  • If you wish to develop a web-based application in Shiny, choose the "option 2: RStudio Application in a Remote Desktop" method.  When your application is ready to deploy please contact us to have it made accessible from the Mass General Brigham computer network. 
  • RStudio sessions that are idle for 2 weeks or longer may be terminated without notification.  Idle sessions are sessions which
    • have not been connected to in 2 weeks
    • are not using CPU cycles
Go to KB0028032 in the IS Service Desk

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