User is not receiving Mass General Brigham emails on their iOS device.


  • Device must be running an iOS version of 12 or above.

    • iOS version can be verified by going to Settings>General>About.
    • For Software Update instructions, see HT204204.

  • Device must be enrolled into MobileIron to access email.


1. Confirm your device checks out with the requirements above.

2. If the following statements are true, then you may proceed to step 3.

  • Your iOS device is using a supported iOS version of at least 12 or above.
  • Your iOS device is also enrolled into MobileIron.

3. Verify the "Partners (OAUTH)" account is present and authenticated.

  • For iOS 12/13 devices go to Settings>Passwords & Accounts. 
  • For iOS 14 devices, go to Settings>Mail>Accounts.
    1. If the "Partners (OAUTH)" account is not present:

      • Check for the presence of an older or manually configured exchange account that may be blocking the "Partners (OAUTH)" installer.
      • These accounts will often (but not always) be named something like Partners, MGH, Work, or Exchange.
      • If an older/manual Partners account is found:

        • Select the exchange account and then tap "Delete Account".
        • A confirmation message will display. Tap "Delete from My iPhone".
        • Once the account finishes deleting, reboot the device.
        • Open the MobileIron Go app

          • Go to the My Devices tab.
          • Tap 'Show my devices'
          • Authenticate with your primary Partners email and login password
          • Select the 'current device' from the list
          • Tap check for updates.
          • Tap continue when prompted to confirm.

    2. If the Partners(OAuth) account is present, but not authenticated:

      1. Tap on the blue 'Re-enter Password' button.
      2. Authenticate via OKTA.
      3. If prompted regarding logging into Office 365 or Apple Internet accounts, that's normal.
      4. If the OKTA page does not load, see KB0038304.
      5. If the OKTA page rejects the user, see OKTA Errors (iOS).

    3. If the Partners(OAuth) account is authenticated:

      • Verify that Mail syncing is enabled.
Go to KB0038164 in the IS Service Desk

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