HOWTO: Enroll into MobileIron for iOS

For NHP, please refer to HOWTO: Enroll in MobileIron - NHP

This article has been updated to include iOS 13, released by Apple on September 19, 2019


MobileIron allows you to access Partners Email and other Partners resources from a mobile device. This guide provides setup instructions for an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) running iOS 12.02 or later.

This guide will help you set up required core components and access to your Partners email and Partners resources such as:

  • Internal Partners websites such as SharePoint, Partners Phone Directory (PPD), and Partners Pulse
  • Home Drive (H:\) via the MobileIron Docs@Work app
  • Epic Haiku & Epic Canto
  • Dropbox EMM
  • Imprivata Cortext (Secure Texting)


Download the MobileIron Setup Guide for iOS



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iOS MobileIron Setup Guide v6.0.pdf