All corporate phones must be enrolled in MobileIron by policy. Users with corporate phones requesting un-enrollment should contact the IS Service Desk to have a ticket opened with the appropriate Site Security Officer group for approval.

Additionally, please ask to have your manager added to the ticket's "Watch List" and have your manager reply with their approval when the ticket creation email is generated.


Follow the steps below to unenroll your iOS device from MobileIron.

Check if your device is supervised: 

1.  Navigate into your iOS Settings --> General -- > Device Management 

2.  Here, either profile will be seen:

Supervised: MobileIron Cloud DEP MDM Profile 

Non-Supervised: Root MDM Profile

If your device is supervised, then please contact the IS Service Desk to open a ticket with the enterprise mobility management (emm) - phs group to retire the device from the admin console. Otherwise, proceed to the instructions listed below.

Non-Supervised Devices: 

This guide provides instructions for un-enrolling your iPhone or iPad into the Mass General Brigham Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) system. Please make note of the following:

 These instructions only apply to personally owned iPhones and iPads. Corporate owned devices must be enrolled into MobileIron EMM.

  Un-enrolling your device from EMM will remove all Mass General Brigham resources from your phone.  This includes the removal of Mass General Brigham Email, Contacts and Calendars from your device as well as the removal of the Mass General Brigham App Store as well as all apps installed via the Mass General Brigham App Store

  If the Device is supervised, please submit a ticket to the EMM queue requesting un-enrollment and we will retire it from the console DO NOT attempt to remove the profile as it's a different MDM profile and could cause problems. (Supervised devices are corporate devices purchased after October 2017 and denoted with “This device is Supervised” in the Settings app)

Follow the steps below to remove the management framework from your iOS device.

1.  Open up the Settings app on your device

2.  Tap General and then scroll down and select Device Management

3.  Tap on Root MDM Profile and select Remove Management

4.  Complete the removal process by following the onscreen prompts.

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EMM Unenrolling your iOS device from Partners.pdf

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Go to KB0026961 in the IS Service Desk

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