Summary Reports on Scientific Computing Linux Clusters Usage

Scientific Computing (SciC) Linux Clusters users and lab-groups can request automated graphical summary reports Cluster usage. Summaries can be generated for an individual user, a lab-group or Adopt-a-Node compute resources.  This can be useful for capacity planning and increasing job efficiency.

Connecting to the LSF monitoring web-console

Visit You will be prompted for your Partners user ID and password twice.

Creating a scheduled report

  • Once in the application, click on the "Nectar" tab
  • Add a new report
    • clicking "Add", located under "Help" in the top right-hand corner. This can be hard to see in some web-browsers due to black-on-blue font
    • When the Report Details page comes up, update the following fields and press "Create"
      • Report Name
      • Next Timestamp for Sending Mail Report
      • Report Interval / Frequency
      • Email Sender/Receiver details
  • Select a Graphs to include in the report
    • Click on the Items tab that now appears at the top of the page
    • Click "Add", in the top-right corner
    • Select:
      • Type: Graph
      • Host Template: Grid Summary
      • Host: cmucluster_Summary (localhost)
      • Graph Template: 
        • For individual user summaries, select: GRID - Users - Jobs Stats
        • For lab-group usage summaries, select one of:
          • GRID - User Group - Efficiency
          • GRID - User Group - Job Stats
          • GRID - User Group - Memory Stats
          • GRID - User Group - Total CPU
        • For Adopt-a-Node resource summaries, select one of the entries beginning "GRID - Host Group - "
        • For queue based summaries select: "GRID - Queue - " etc...
      • Graph Name:  Select the item corresponding to the user/group/host group or queue of interest
      • Graph Timespan:  Day/Week/Month as required
      • Press "Save"
    • Repeat until all relevant graphs are included in the report
  • Preview the report
    • Click on the "Preview" tab
    • If the report does not appear as expected, review the previous tabs
  • Enable the report
    • Click on the "Nectar" tab
    • Click the check-box next to this report, choose action "Enable" and press "Go"
    • at this point the report will be sent by email as scheduled
Go to KB0027989 in the IS Service Desk

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