Problems Connecting to the Scientific Computing Linux Clusters

Network Connectivity

Scientific Computing (SciC) Linux Clusters are only available within the Mass General Brigham computer network, or when accessed remotely using a secure service such as VPN or the Research SSH Gateway.

  • Verify that your computer is within the Mass General Brigham computer network by visiting a website that is only available internally:
  • Verify that DNS (name resolution) is working by connecting to:
    • If this link redirects to our website then name resolution of servers on the Mass General Brigham computer network is working correctly. If it does not, try rebooting your computer.

Authentication and Passwords

  • The password used to log into the cluster is the same password you use to log into other Mass General Brigham services such as PeopleSoft or Email. The SciC Linux Clusters checks directly with the authentication system to verify your password.
  • A recent password change can sometimes take a while (minutes usually) to propagate through the network of password servers.  If you can not immediately log into the cluster after changing your password, try waiting for a bit.

  • Verify that your current password is working by logging into other Mass General Brigham services, such as
  • For assistance with your account authentication, contact the helpdesk [617.726.5085]
  • If by following the steps above, you have confirmed your computer has access to the Mass General Brigham computer network and your account is working for other services but not the ERIS HPC resources, contact Scientific Computing detailing the account username used, and the date and time of failed login attempts.


If you use an SSH key with SciC Linux Clusters, be aware that SSH key access is disabled when your password expires and may take 24 hours to be re-activated.

Go to KB0027991 in the IS Service Desk

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