HOWTO: Secure Log In using Okta Verify

Partners HealthCare uses Secure Log In, a secure technology used to log in to web-based applications when you are not connected to the Partners network.

Okta Verify is an option of Secure Log In. It can be used anytime, although it is ideal when working:

  • Internationally or while travelling
  • In areas with limited or no internet service or poor cell phone coverage

Okta Verify:

  • Requires MobileIron
  • Doesn't require you to enter any codes or numbers. 
  • Allows you to verify your identity by an app on your mobile device instead of SMS text or voice call.
  • Is available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Can only be linked to one device at a time.
    • If you need to register a new device, please follow the enrollment instructions and press Reset next to Okta Verify.


We recommend that you watch the short video to help you get started. 


Instructions and video for iOS

Instructions and video for Android

Instructions for iOS

Instructions for Android