INFO: Cost Associated With Shared File Area (SFA) Request


A Shared File Area or “SFA” is a folder that can store various types of flies. Such as Word documents, images, PDFs, etc. It is typically shared by a department or group of staff.


The Share File Area (SFA) – Archive Tier is a lower cost option that provides a highly-efficient archive file area.  This is intended to be used for infrequently accessed data. For example, data that needs to be kept for legal, regulatory, or compliance reasons. Long-term retention, or historical data pools for data analytics are examples of types of data that would be best suited for the Archive Tier.


CI: ITS Data Management for SFA & DFA - phs

Information Systems does not charge individual business units for the first 256GB of Share File Area (SFA) storage usage.

After an SFA exceeds 256GB, all space above the 256GB point incurs a one-time charge.

The no charge limit applies to both new and existing SFAs.

Existing SFAs will be charged for new requests for increased space if over 256GB.


  • If a new SFA of 250GB is requested there would be no charges.
  • If a new SFA of 300GB is requested there would be charges for 44GB of space
  • If an existing SFA is increased from 200GB to 256GB there would be no charges
  • If an existing SFA is increased from 200GB to 300GB there would charges for 44GB of space

When the free space limit is exceeded by a request, a quote and payment instructions will be provided in your Service Now ticket.  Once the quote is approved and a cost center provided, the SFA will be created or expanded.

SFA requests that do not exceed the 256GB limit will be processed as quickly as possible with no additional action from requesters required.




Cost per GB

Less than 256GB

General Purpose or Digital Health eCare


New or Expansion 256GB or over

General Purpose and eCare


SFA Archive Tier. Any amount requested there is a charge

General Purpose and eCare










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