[Mass General Brigham R User Group] Summer Meeting (Virtual)

July 14, 2020 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
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R is a free and open programming language for statistical computing, data analysis, and graphical visualization. Along with this powerful software, comes a dynamic and vast community. The Mass General Brigham R User Group seeks to bring this community together to share ideas, discuss R related topics, and provide direction for new and experienced users.

The main theme of this R User Group Meeting is "COVID-19 Data Analysis and Visualization"

COVID-19 affected our work and daily lifestyle. After 3 months, it seems the spread is slowing down and restaurants are ready to open for dining in.

But then, it was told that there is resurge in some states.

Well, we are the data people. We should be able to analyze and visualize the COVID-19 data to see the trends and to predict.

In this meeting, we invited

  • Jenn Vazza and The DAO team who built Tableau dashboard applications to follow key COVID-19 metrics for our hospitals
  • The EDW team who serves the COVID data and much more data.
  • Hojjat Salmasian will present how to extract comorbidities from claims data, and discuss key considerations in using them
  • Ying Zhang will teach us about flexdashboard package to generate HTML reports. I think this could be extremely useful if you generate reports based on a template and need to update the numbers in it
  • Victor Castro will show R package called "drake" that he used in his COVID-19 data analysis


  • Also, the topics for this meeting include
    • Plans to build and grow Partners R Community
    • R Training Plans and Announcement
    • Open Discussion about Partners R Settings