REDCap Adverse Event Reporting External Module – Request for Pilot Users

August 6, 2019 5:30 pm

We need help testing our NEW Adverse Event Reporting External Module. We’re looking for users with:

  1. Active REDCap projects collecting Adverse Event Info
  2. Are close to study end or have already reported to CT.GOV to use as a test case
  3. Are reporting AEs to Partners IRB at Continuing Review

The REDCap Adverse Event Reporting External Module is an application designed to generate Adverse Event (AE) reports needed by Investigators at different time points for different requirements. The REDCap AE Reporting External module can facilitate Investigator and Institutional compliance by facilitating the creation of aggregate Adverse Event (AE) reports for:

  1. (CT) AE Results module 
  2. AE Continuing Review to the Partners Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Please register for a session on August 13 from 9-10:30a.m. to learn more. 

The session is located at the Partners HealthCare Headquarters, located at Assembly Row, in room 2W25. 

Parking at Assembly Row is free for 3 hours. Parking Info: