New Resource Available: Mobile Apps and the IRB

June 7, 2018 2:30 pm

ERIS is excited to announce a new resource available to coordinate mobile applications through compliance and IRB processes, speeding their availability for your clinical research.

ERIS is now able to help researchers, through the CTO and IRB offices, implement Partners compliant, secure mobile application technology by working with and coordinating all the necessary teams to facilitate, standardize, and optimize the review processes and ensure a successful launch.

The ERIS Mobile Apple Coordinator is Kathi Rossi-Roh. Kathi will be drawing on her many years experience working in areas such as technology, risk, security, and research, all within the health care industry in various roles primarily at PHS entities - Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham Health and Dana Farber Cancer Institute. The initial focus is to create and implement a process for tracking the components of the review process, so that investigators receive input from relevant stakeholders in a timely and efficient manner that will contribute to the overall health of the project across the entire lifecycle.  

When a clinical research project involves a mobile application, please send an email to and include the IRB protocol number. A submission to this inbox will initiate the process with the relevant parties. Please note this process is subject to change and updates will be made to this site.