A NEW Release of the Biobank Portal is Now Available

July 13, 2017 7:15 am

The Partners Biobank is pleased to announce a new release of the Biobank Portal.  The Portal now offers researchers the ability to search for genomic variations for 10,000 genotyped subjects, in combination with the health care, patient survey and phenotype data already existing for these subjects.  Previously, GWAS data was only available for querying in the Biobank Genomic Pilot.  Now it is available to all users in the Biobank Portal itself. For the set of 10,000 genotyped subjects, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) and insertion or deletions (indel) genomic variants are available for querying.

In addition, the temporal query tool in the Portal has been enhanced to offer a more intuitive way of constructing and manipulating temporal constraints.

There are currently over 66,000 consented subjects in the Partners Biobank, with more being added each week. Their EHR, health survey and phenotype data is available for querying, and data and sample requests in the Biobank Portal. The Biobank Portal is available from the Partners start menu and https://biobankportal.partners.org

For questions and feedback about the Biobank Portal, contact biobankportal@partners.org


Stacey Duey - Project Specialist

(617) 759-8248