NEW! The Complete Patient Data Science Repository (PDSR) Curated Data Set is available to MGB researchers

RISC is proud to offer the new Complete PDSR Curated Data Set.

The new Complete PDSR Curated Data Set increases the speed to research discovery and enables machine learning and artificial intelligence computation in a secure environment within the Mass General Brigham firewall. Access to the complete set of MGB patient population data with removed patient identifiers according to HIPAA-defined format helps researchers generate hypotheses and develop models. The Complete PDSR Curated Data Set facilitates the study of extensive populations of patients and clinical data without compromising patient privacy. 

Direct access to this repository without the need to obtain an IRB-approved protocol broadens researchers’ opportunities for understanding, evaluating, and analyzing clinical data. Connecting to this repository within the secure MGB Analytics Enclave platform promotes collaboration for researchers working in teams with a shared set of computational resources and tools.

Visit the Complete PDSR Curated Data Set Home Page for more information.