Digital Health Review Reminders

October 24, 2019 10:50 am

If your IRB protocol contains mobile health technology (e.g. wearables or mobile apps), follow this checklist to move your protocol through the Digital Health Review process more efficiently:

  • Complete the Digital Health form within Insight. Incomplete forms cause delays.
    • Select YES to the Digital Health question. Several recent submissions were either inaccurate or blank.
    • Include ALL technologies/mobile devices and answer the subsequent questions for each. Be sure to include manuals.
  • Acquire vendor contact information. Obtain this ahead of the Digital Health Review.
  • Outline use of the technology within your protocol – some teams refer to a survey, never mentioning the products or technology being used. Samples are in the Toolbox

Questions? Contact the Mobile Application Process Coordinator (MAPC​) at The MAPC works closely with many of the different reviewers and processes to coordinate protocol review and share information.

Check out our updated Digital Health Review Website to learn more about the new submission process and help teams set expectations.

Navigate through these FAQs to find answers, resources and more!

Visit and contact the Mobile Application Process Coordinator (MAPC​) at​ with questions or concerns.