Are you a Principal Investigator (PI) at BWH or MGH?

September 25, 2019 1:30 pm


You must activate your LabArchives account by 10/1/19

Steps to Activate your Account:
This takes less than 30 seconds!

  1. Visit
    • Do NOT use Internet Explorer. Use Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.
    • Do NOT click the yellow button “Sign up for free”
  2. Select “Partners HealthCare” as your institution
    • You will be redirected to the Partners Single Sign-On page. Enter your Partners credentials if prompted.
  3. Click the button “I do not have a LabArchives account...”
    • If you previously created a free account where you established a unique username and password, click “I have an existing LabArchives account already” instead. Input the email and password you previously used to create your LabArchives account and skip step #4.
  4. Enter your ‘primary email account,’ likely your or account. To find out:
    • Compose a new email in Outlook
    • Look in the ‘From’ field at the top
    • Confirm whether this is your or or email address
  5. Click “Create New Account.” When asked “Do you want to link this existing LabArchives account with your login credentials?” click “Yes”
  6. Enter your first and last name, confirm that your email is your ‘primary email account’ (see step #4), leave “ORCID” blank, and click “Update”
  7. Create a notebook. Click “Notebooks” in the upper left corner, click the “+” sign, and complete the information requested.

Important Notes:

  • If you’re ever prompted to create a password for LabArchives, STOP! Your account must be linked to Partners allowing you to log in using your Partners login credentials. Register through Partners using the steps above.
  • If a member of your research staff shares their notebook with you, prompting you to create a LabArchives account, STOP! First, follow the steps above to activate your LabArchives account through Partners.
  • The PI should be the owner of every notebook. Research staff should transfer ownership to their PI for any notebooks they created.

For more info:
Email with questions: and