INFO: Imprivata Cortext Overview

Partners HealthCare is introducing a new secure messaging application to be used on employee smart phones and tablets.  The new secure messaging application is called Imprivata Cortext, and will be the new Partners standard for messaging your co-workers with secure texting and paging on your mobile devices, tablets and desktops.  We ask that you download the Imprivata Cortex application on your mobile device by following the instructions accessed via the links below. 

A prerequisite for installing the Imprivata Cortex application is that you have already downloaded the Partners MobileIron application.  If you have not downloaded MobileIron yet, please follow the attached document named “EMM Setup Guide” prior to installing Cortex.

What is Imprivata Cortext?

The Imprivata Cortext solution is HIPAA-verified for communication of Patient Health Information (PHI) among co-workers. The application is compatible with iOS (iPhone) and Android devices, including phones and tablets. There is the capability to use Imprivata Cortext on multiple devices so that care providers can use whichever device is most useful at that time. 

How do I get it?

Once you have installed MobileIron, Imprivata Cortext will be available from the Partners App store. Once the application is installed you can log in with your Partners network username with “” added on the end and your Partners network password (Username Example: See related articles.

The installation process takes approximately less than one minute!

Quick Tips for iOS devices

5 ways to use Imprivata Cortext

Support Hours: 24/7


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