Enhancement to Phone & Paging Directory (PPD) Paging Log

Enhancement to the Phone & Paging Directory PPD Paging Log

The Phone & Paging Directory (PPD) has been enhanced to have additional authentication that will allow the recipient of a page through PPD to view the senders' names instead of just IP addresses. See the bullets below for when this additional authentication is needed. Although we strongly encourage users to authenticate before sending a page per the scenarios outlined below, you can cancel the login and still send the page; while the IP address will be logged, the sender's name will not.

For all Mass General Brigham build desktop PC's this should be transparent; the senders' names will be recorded in the recipients' logs without any additional authentication.

Off the Network (no VPN connection):

For pages sent from Macs, Mass General Brigham Mobile Builds, and non-Mass General Brigham build PC's, logged into the PPD from the Internet (no VPN) at http://www.partners.org/ppd; the senders' names will also be recorded in the recipients' logs without any additional authentication.

On the Network (at work or with VPN):

Non-Mass General Brigham build PC's and Mass General Brigham Mobile Build PC’s using Internet Explorer will be prompted to authenticate when attempting to send a page. If you don't login, the recipient's log will show your IP address, not your name

Non-Internet Explorer browsers (e.g. Mac Safari and Mac & PC Firefox), can only send pages non-authenticated - the recipient's log will show IP's unless the user has first authenticated to another PPD function like editing their profile.

Go to KB0018543 in the IS Service Desk

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