HOWTO: Install Jabber on Android


You must have a Jabber account to Sign In. Please contact the Service Desk to request one.


Steps to setup Cisco Jabber for Android

1. Download and install Cisco Jabber Voice on the Android Phone. If you have Mobile Iron on your Android, you can download the app via Mobile Iron App Catalog under Communication Category or Play store.

2. Open the Cisco Jabber App and click Accept.

3. Enter your Partners Username followed by “” and click Continue.

4. Enter your Partners Username and password and click Sign In

5. Please click Update. A new Screen will appear prompting for username and password. Please enter your Partners Username and Password and click Apply.

                These steps will complete Cisco Jabber Voice setup.


6.      ***911 Disclaimer***

If you make a 911 or other emergency call, you must explicitly state your location. Partners, MGH and BWH Security, and local emergency services are unable to determine your location automatically or remotely via Caller ID or other methods.






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