• You must have access to Jabber | KB0026971
  • Android device must be enrolled into MobileIron | KB0031711

Install and Launch Jabber

  1. On your Android device, go to the enterprise Play Store or MobileIron App Catalog 
  2. Search for "Cisco Jabber Voice"
  3. Download Jabber
  4. On your mobile home screen, tap the Cisco Jabber App
  5. Tap Accept

Logging into Jabber

  1. Enter your MGB network user ID followed by 
  2. Tap Continue

  1. Enter your MGB network credentials (Username and Password) 
  2. Tap Sign In

Prompt to Update Credentials / Voicemail

  1. In the Cisco Jabber app, tap Update
  2. Enter your MGB network credentials (Username and Password)
  3. Tap Apply.



Congratulations! You have completed the Cisco Jabber Voice setup.


Cisco Jabber Home Page

Go to KB0034284 in the IS Service Desk

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