How to Order Amazon Web Services

Mass General Brigham employees using Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts for work must migrate to one of the Mass General Brigham Control Towers.  


For options for continuing MGB work in AWS, see INFO: Requirements for MGB Employees using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Work.


To learn more about Cloud Computing options, please Submit a Request in the IS Service Hub for a Cloud Architecture Consult.


All access to AWS must be in accordance with MGB Enterprise Security Standards for Cloud-Based Solutions(this is an internal link). All access should be through the standard MGB login process, OKTA Single sign-on (SSO), to keep your account secure. See INFO: MGB AWS Research Control Tower Login Process for details. If you are not using SSO, please follow these instructions to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with OKTA for your AWS account


Go to KB0025816 in the IS Service Desk

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