HOWTO: Install RSA SecurID application and import software token for Mac OS X

Platform: Mac OS X
OS Version: Mac OS X 10.12 and higher
Keywords:  VPN, RSA, softtoken

If you experience any problems during the process please contact the Partners Service Desk. 


Mac's Enrolled in PEAS

  1. Launch Self Service from the Applications folder ( Go menu > Applications)

    Self Service

  2. Click on Applications in Categories and the click on the icon labeled RSA SecurID Token


Installing the SecurID Token: 

1. Open the email you received with the token and activation information and copy the URL.



2. Open the RSA SecurID application from your LAUNCHPAD and select Import from Web option.



3. In the Enter URL space please copy and paste the URL link you received in your email. In the Enter Activation Code space please copy and paste the activation code you received and click OK.



4. You should get a Successful Import message. You may also change the name of the token to something more familiar if you wish and click OK.



5. Your token is now ready for use.


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