INFO: Service Overview Document (SOD) of IT Services Provided by Information Systems

 Updated 3/2020

The attached Service Overview Document (SOD) was created to categorize the Services currently provided by Mass General Brigham Digital. The majority of these Services are enabling IT Services, which facilitate the delivery of Business Services offered to Mass General Brigham. Mass General Brigham Digital will deliver a consolidated IT Service Management strategy for our Services, and this approach will promote an efficient standard of Service Delivery across the Enterprise, as well as the flexibility to meet the needs of our large organization.

This is a living document, and revisions will be scheduled at least quarterly to maintain the accuracy of information found within. Please report any errors, omissions, or suggested enhancements to the Service Catalog Management Process Owner by opening a Request ticket within ServiceNow using the following steps:

  1. Open a new Application and Service-Related Request in ServiceNow.
  2. Enter IT Service Management (ITSM) Program in the Configuration Item field, and servicenow – phs as the assignment group.
  3. Under Description, please enter: SOD Review: (Service Name/s).
  4. Within your Request Task (TASK###), please edit the Priority to 4, and add additional comments as appropriate.
  5. Attach documentation, if appropriate, to your Request Task.

The Service Catalog Management Process Owner will review and respond to your request within two business days. The follow-up received depends on the nature of your inquiry.


Throughout the attached document, you will find our IT Service Categories elaborated into three distinct sections. Please see a breakdown of what each section signifies below:


The following map provides a visual breakdown of the Services provided by Digital. The Service Categories are further elaborated throughout the attached document.

Attachment: Services Overview Document

Go to KB0020368 in the IS Service Desk

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