INFO: CMDB Management Reference Documents

This article contains links to a variety of documents regarding the CMDB Management process at Mass General Brigham (MGB).

CMDB Management FAQ


Provides answers to frequently asked questions to a wide range of CMDB Management topics.

CMDB Management Overview


Provides an overview of the CMDB Management process at Mass General Brigham.

Proposing New Configuration Items - For Applications and Servers


Provides step-by-step instructions for requesting the addition of new application and server Configuration Items.

Using the CI Import Template - For PCs and Tablets


Provides an Excel spreadsheet for adding one or more Configuration Items for PCs and Tablets.

CMDB Management Import Template


Provides an Excel spreadsheet for the bulk addition of Configuration Items for applications and servers.

CMDB Coordinator Role and Responsibilities


Lists the role and responsibilities of the CMDB Coordinator at Mass General Brigham.

CMDB Coordinator Role and Responsibilities - Data Center


Lists the role and responsibilities of the CMDB Coordinator for the Data Center at Mass General Brigham.

Reviewing Assets


Provides instructions for reviewing assets and Configuration Items (CIs) for you and your team.

Managing Mass General Brigham Health Plan (MGBHP) Laptops


Describes the process for managing laptops for MGBHP using ServiceNow. This process is different than the process for managing MGB desktops and laptops, which is supported by the warehouse task process. MGBHP laptops must be manually maintained as described in this document until all devices are retired.

Reviewing the Impacted CIs Tab


Provides instructions for reviewing the Impacted CIs tab for Incident, Problem, and Change Records.

Subscribing and Unsubscribing to Configuration Items (CIs)


Provides instructions for subscribing and unsubscribing to configuration items (CI) in ServiceNow. Doing so allows you to receive notifications via email whenever a significant change is made to this CI.

Customizing Your View of Configuration Item Relationships


Provides instructions for customizing your view of the logical relationships between Configuration Items (CI) in ServiceNow.

Configuration Items Managed within the Configuration Management Database (CMDB)


Provides a listing of the classes of CIs that are managed by MGB. It also provides a link to a report with classes as well as the specific CI included with each class.

Using the CMDB Optimization Report


Provides instructions for using the CMDB Optimization Report for completing required information on CIs throughout the enterprise.

Managing Configuration Items Using the ITSM CMDB Dashboard


Provides information for working with the ITSM CMDB Dashboard to manage configuration items (CIs) for you and your team.

CMDB Management Reports - Accessing and Definitions


Provides a listing of our CMDB Management reports, a short description of how they are used, and how to access them in ServiceNow.

Virtual Care Configuration Items and Automated Processing


Describes new Configuration Items (CIs) that should be used to enter incidents and requests in ServiceNow related to Virtual Care. It also describes how these tickets are automatically sent to the proper assignment groups using location-based routing (LBR), Epic Department routing (Community Physicians Organization providers), and inbound email actions.

Closing Device Work Orders in ServiceNow


Provides IS technicians with instructions for closing work orders when replacing or deploying devices. Doing so ensures that the status of the device is updated to "Installed" status in ServiceNow when the work order is closed.

Device Scanner Tool


Provides information regarding the device scanner tool used to gather workstation and printer data from various data sources and display them in a data grid.

ERIS/HBTRAC ServiceNow Workflow


Contains the standard operating procedure used for completing ServiceNow requests between ERIS (Enterprise Research Information Systems) and HBTRC (Harvard Brain Tissue Research Center).



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