FAQ: Constant Contact

Mass General Brigham offers Constant Contact as an approved email marketing solution for business purposes. This enterprise version of Constant Contact has the most up-to-date features and is compliant with Mass General Brigham’s Information Security and Privacy policies. New users can sign up for an account with their Mass General Brigham or affiliate email address. Below are frequently asked questions.

Q: I want a Mass General Brigham Constant Contact account. How do I sign up?

Go to partnershealthcare.constantcontact.com to sign up for a trial. Once you sign up using your Mass General Brigham or affiliate email address go in to Plans & Pricing in the top right corner to activate. If you do not see the discounts, contact partnersupport@constantcontact.com or call 1-866-811-1344 (US & CA) for instructions.


Q: What are the benefits to using this version?

  • 20%-40% discount off plans
  • Access to hundreds of tutorials, in-person and on demand trainings
  • Access to an advanced support team

Q: How much does Mass General Brigham Constant Contact cost?

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Q: I do not use my institutional email address for Constant Contact, but I want to get the Mass General Brigham Constant Contact pricing. How do I switch? 

If you would like to leverage the Mass General Brigham pricing, you must change your email address in your account to your primary institutional email address, then contact partnersupport@constantcontact.com or call 1-866-811-1344 (US & CA) for instructions.


Q: How do I change my email address in Constant Contact?

  1. Log into to your Constant Contact account
  2. Place your mouse over the name in the upper-right and select My Account
  3. In the My Profile section, click "User Email"
  4. Enter your password
  5. Verify a new address by clicking the "Verify more email addresses" link
  6. Click Submit

Q: How do I figure out my primary institutional email address?

Look up your primary email address:

  1. Go to https://myprofile.partners.org
  2. Click Login, and enter your Mass General Brigham User Name and Password
  3. Your primary email address is displayed on the right side of the page


Q: What type of information is allowed in Constant Contact? 

Mass mailing tools are not encrypted and are not approved for sharing Confidential Information (Protected Health Information (PHI) or Personal Identifiable Information (PII) such as SSN). 

Contact your Information Security Officer for help determining the appropriate solution for your data requirements. 


Q: How do I get help on Constant Contact?

Contact the Mass General Brigham support team at partnersupport@constantcontact.com or call 1-866-811-1344 (US & CA). Be sure to identify yourself as a member of the Mass General Brigham network.


Q: Where can I learn how to use Constant Contact?


Q: Are there any other Mass General Brigham-approved email marketing tools that are available to me?

ERIS offers a FREE email list manager solution (List Manager- Lyris) for all groups at Mass General Brigham. For more information visit, the Research Information Science & Computing website List Manager- Lyris.


Go to KB0034585 in the IS Service Desk

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