HOWTO: Log Into Outlook for the web

Outlook for the web was previously named Outlook Web Express and Outlook Web Access (OWA). No matter what you call it, you can access your Mass General Brigham Outlook content via a web browser.

Note: Accessing Mass General Brigham Outlook for the web from a laptop or mobile device requires the device to be encrypted.

To Access Outlook for the web

  1. Click the Windows Start menu
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Navigate to and click Microsoft Outlook Web Express
    • Expand Partners Applications menu. Navigate to and click Microsoft Outlook Web Express
    • Expand Partners Utilities menu. Navigate to and click Outlook Web Access - OWA

Accessing via Web Browser

  1. Navigate to  or
  2. Log in with your email address
  3. It will redirect to a login page. Enter your Mass General Brigham username and password
  4. If prompted, verify your identify via text or phone call. 

External Users: External users will be prompted for a second factor authentication such as Text Message or Phone Call. 

Authentication Options for External Users

Users who have a phone or text-enabled phone set up in Password Self Service can authenticate via text message or phone call. 

  • Text Message
    Users who choose Text Message will get a text message with a code they need to enter to access their email after confirming the phone number 
  • Phone Call
    Users who choose Phone Call will get a phone call and have to input in the phone the code displayed in the web page to access their email after confirming the phone number

After going through second factor authentication, users will be able to access their email.

Microsoft Outlook for the web


Tipsheet: Microsoft Outlook Web Express - This guide provides helpful information for anyone who accesses Outlook email on different computers during their workday or on shared workstations. 


OWA 2016 Tipsheet.pdf






Go to KB0014714 in the IS Service Desk

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