ERIS Service Alert Email Archives

As part of ongoing service improvements, ERIS strives to communicate service-related messages clearly and consistently. We color-code the email header to represent message content.  Depending on the service, you might be automatically enrolled into mandatory mailing lists.  Some services have optional mailing lists, and users are encouraged to subscribe to receive notices regarding these services.  To view a list of service alert and news mailing lists, please visit:

 RED Alerts: 
  • First notice of scheduled downtime 
  • New issue

Yellow Alerts:

  • Action Required by user
  • Reminder of downtime
  • Update to unresolved issue

Green Alerts:

  • Downtime concluded
  • Issue resolved

Gray Alerts:

  • News
  • No interruption to service

Are you looking for the Service Alert Email Archives?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

Go to KB0027938 in the IS Service Desk

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