As long as all meeting participants use their computer's audio (headset or built-in mic and speakers), an audio conference license is not necessary. If you host meetings where one or more of your participants needs to join by phone (e.g., external participants), you'll need a Microsoft Audio Conferencing license.

Note: Only the host needs a dial-in conference license. Meeting participants don't need their own audio conferencing licenses.

To Request a License

  1. Complete this form* to request a Microsoft dial-in conferencing line.
  2. For "What would you like to request?" choose Software License.
  3. For "What software license(s) are you requesting?" choose Microsoft Dial-in Conferencing.
  4. When the form is complete, click Order Now in the upper right corner.

Tip! If you are requesting audio conferencing accounts for more than one person, please upload a spreadsheet with your request using the attachment button (paperclip). The spreadsheet should have columns for name, user ID, email, manager name, site, and department for each person needing an account.

​​​​​​​*If the link doesn't work:

  1. Go to the IS Service Hub.
  2. Click Make a Request.
  3. Under Collaboration and Productivity, select Microsoft Office/Office 365 Requests.


Go to: 

Teams Meetings & Calendar

Go to KB0036272 in the IS Service Desk

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