You can schedule a Teams meeting in Outlook or in the Calendar app in Teams. Your calendar in Teams is connected to your Outlook calendar. When you schedule a meeting in Outlook, it'll show up in Teams, and vice versa.

Schedule a Teams Meeting in Outlook

There are two ways to create a Teams meeting in Outlook: Create a new Teams meeting or add Teams meeting information to an existing meeting.

New Teams Meeting

  1. Open your Calendar in Outlook.
  2. On the ribbon, click New Teams Meeting:
    Image of New Teams Meeting button in Outlook.
  3. The Teams join information will be added to the invitation:
    Image of join information in Teams meeting.
  4. Set up the rest of the meeting details (e.g., title, participants), then click Send

Existing Meeting

If you have a previously scheduled meeting in Outlook, you can add the Teams meeting information to it.

Tip! This also works if you've started a new meeting without using the New Teams Meeting option above.

  1. Open the existing meeting.
  2. On the ribbon, click Teams Meeting:
    Image of add Teams Meeting button.
  3. Update the rest of your meeting details, then click Send Update

Note: Once a meeting becomes a Teams meeting, it cannot be changed. Even if you delete the Teams information from the meeting message, a working Join Teams Meeting button will still appear on the ribbon.

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Missing the Teams Meeting Button?

If you don't see the New Teams Meeting button in your Outlook Calendar, view the article TRBL: The Microsoft Teams button is missing in Outlook for Windows.

Schedule a Teams Meeting in the Teams Calendar App

Every meeting scheduled in the Teams Calendar app is automatically set up as an online meeting, and the Teams join information is added to the invitation. 

  1. In Teams, on the app bar, click Calendar.
  2. Click New meeting in the top right corner. 
    Image of new meeting button in Teams.
    3. Set up the rest of the meeting details , then click Send.

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Audio Conferencing Requirements

If all meeting participants use their computer's audio (headset or built-in mic and speakers), an audio conference license is not necessary.

Note: If you need to provide a dial-in option (audio conferencing) for your attendees, view the article HOWTO: Request Microsoft Audio Conferencing.

Watch a Video

Check out how to view, schedule, and manage your meetings in this short video from Microsoft.

Source: Manage Meetings (from Microsoft)


Go to: 

Teams Meetings & Calendar

Go to KB0036313 in the IS Service Desk

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