How to Install Syncplicity on Windows 7, 8 and 10

Installing Syncplicity for Windows 7, 8 and 10

To install Syncplicity on any platform (OS X, Windows, iOS, Android, etc), you will need to follow the same basic steps: Go to the Syncplicity website to get the latest version of the software, download and install the software and tell Syncplicity which folders and files you want to synchronize to the cloud and across your devices.

  1. Navigate to the Syncplicity site by pointing your browser to:

  2. You'll be redirect to login securely via Okta with your Mass General Brigham credentials

  3. Once you have completed the login, you will be taken automatically to the Syncplicity portal
  4. Click on Install, then Download Syncplicity

  5. Click on RUN at the bottom of your IE window begin the installation

  6. If prompted, click Yes to allow the Syncplicity Installer to make changes to your system

  7. Click I Agree to agree to the licensing terms

  8. After a few moments, you should see the syncplicity Login Screen. Ensure that Log using Corporate Account is Checked. Enter in your Mass General Brigham email address and click Login

  9. You should now be redirect to login securely via Okta with your Mass General Brigham credentials
  10. After you have successfully authenticated, you will be presented with a screen similar to the following. Click Next to accept the default settings (recommended) OR fill in your own directory path if you are familiar with Syncplicity and know how you want to structure Syncing

  11. Click Next

  12. If you have already synchronized folders from another computer, you will be asked which folders you want to sync with this computer. Choose which folders you with to Sync with this computer and click Next or click Next to skip past this section

  13. You will now be prompted with a short tutorial about Syncplicity which you can view, or you can skip it to complete your installation

  14. You can now find the Syncplicity icon on the task bar which will let you quickly access and manage your Syncplicity Account

Go to KB0027976 in the IS Service Desk

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