How to Rename or Remove a device from your Syncplicity Account

How to Rename or Remove a device from your Syncplicity Account

To remove a device permanently form your Syncplicity account, you can go to the Syncplicity webpage to manage the devices linked to your account

  1. Navigate to
  2. Authenticate through the Partners SaaS portal by following the onscreen prompts
  3. Once you have accessed your Syncplicity Account, click on the account button on the top

  4. Next, click on computers to view a list of devices that are sync'd to your account

  5. Select the device that you wish to Rename or Remove by clicking on Manage

  6. On ensuing screen, click on RENAME to rename your device within Syncplicity and click on REMOVE to remote it from Syncplicity

Note that these options will only rename the device as viewed in Syncplicity and/or will remove the synchronization link between your computer and your files. This does not remove files and folders from your computer.

To delete files and folders from this device: Click WIPE AND REMOVE. This action can not be undone and will delete all files and folders synced or downloaded to that specific device and disable access to the files stored up on the cloud

Go to KB0027977 in the IS Service Desk

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