How to Install Syncplicity on iOS Devices

Installing Syncplicity for iOS

To install Syncplicity on any platform (OS X, Windows, iOS, Android, etc), you will need to follow the same basic steps: Go to the Syncplicity website to get the latest version of the software, download and install the software and tell Syncplicity which folders and files you want to synchronize to the cloud and across your devices.


  1. On your iOS Device, tap this URL to download the Syncplicity app from the iOS App Store:
  2. Tap on Syncplicity icon

  3. Enter in your Partners Email Address and tap Login

  4. You will now be directed to the Partners SaaS portal. Enter in your Partners Username and tap Log In

  5. Follow the steps to complete the sign in process
  6. Once you have Logged in, you will be automatically be redirected to the Syncplicity login screen

  7. Will see a Syncplicity welcome screen similar to the following. You can either swipe the screen to view the tutorial, or tap on the X at the top right to begin accessing your files and folders

  8. If prompted, you can optionally allow the Syncplicity client to access your iPhone's location data

Go to KB0027978 in the IS Service Desk

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