How to Share a File on Syncplicity for Mac OS X, Windows 7/8 and Surface Pro

Note: You can only share a file that is contained in a folder that is synchronized with Syncplicity. If you do not see the option to "Share Link", verify that you are synchronizing a folder to Syncplicity. In addition, per Partners security policies, passwords are required for accessing a shared file and the links to shared files will expire after 15 days.

  1. Right-click (or control-click) file you wish to share. Select Syncplicity ---> Share File

  2. A dialogue box will pop up prompting you to create a password. You can type your own password in or click on the padlock icon to have one auto-generated

  3. There are two ways you can notify your collaborator that you are sharing a file with them. The first option, Email Link will cause Syncplicity to send an email on your behalf. If you want greater control over the content of the message, you can use the option Copy Link which you can use in an email that you create on your own
    • Email Link: Type in the email address(es) of the people with whom you wish to share the file and click Send Email. The following image will appear:

    • You must then email the password to the person separately. You can do this by clicking on the envelope icon ()
    • Copy Link: This option will copy the URL to your computer's clip board. This option requires a couple of additional steps but gives you greater flexibility in how the message appears.

    • You will need communicate both the URL and the password to your collaborator separately and can do so by clicking on the envelope icons () to open up your email application with a pre-formatted message
Go to KB0027982 in the IS Service Desk

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