HOWTO: Suppress Out of Office Replies in ListManager (Lyris)

These instructions are written for List Administrators who manage lists and sends emails in the List Manager (Lyris) System. Out of Office replies can be troublesome because all auto replies will be sent to the original sender by default. This means the sender will get an Out of Office from each person on the list who has Out of Office turned on.

However, List Administrator can configure her or his list to suppress auto replies by following the instructions below:



  1. Log into the List Manager Interface.
  2. Navigate to the List that needs updating.
  3. On the menu panel, click Utilities > List Settings > Email Submitted Content
  4. Then, click the "Email Header" tab
  5. Insert: X-Auto-Response-Suppress: OOF, AutoReply into the "Append to SMTP header:" field.
  6. Then, click "Save". 

For my information about List Manager (Lyris), here's Online Manual:

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