HOWTO: Insert 'View in Browser' Link, Anchors & other Tips

These instructions are written for individuals sending an email from the Lyris List Manager Mailing List System who wish to create targeted sublists within their mailing list. 


Instructions to create the 'view it in your browser link'

You will not need to edit this for each mailing if you are working from a template. Once you follow these steps for the template, it will automatically generate the appropriate URL for each mailing. Please note that this link will not work when you test the mailing. The URL is generated once the mailing is sent.

  1. Select the text you want to link from 
  2. Select the Insert Link icon from the WYSIWYG editor
  3. Set protocol to Other
  4. Paste this in the URL field:

OR, go into the source and do this:
<a href="%%url.mailing%%">View this email in your browser.</a> 

To create the anchors for your mailings to allow users to jump to a section

  1. Log in
  2. Go into the Source Code.
  3. Find the spot which you would like users to jump to
  4. add <a id="anchor-name" name="anchor-name"></a>
    • Replace #anchor-name with a unique name
  5. Then, you need to hyperlink the words that you would like the user to jump from.
  6. Select the Insert Link icon from WYSIWYG editor
  7. Set Link type to 'Link to Anchor in the Text'
  8. Then select by Anchor Name. All of the anchors you created using the steps above will show up there.

Please note: the anchors do not work when viewing from an Apple device. To workaround this, you can hyperlink the text that you wish to jump to the anchor this way:

  1. select the Insert Link icon from the WYSIWYG editor
  2. set protocol to Other
  3. paste this in the URL field: %%url.mailing%%#anchor-name 
    • Replace #anchor-name with whatever you used to create the anchor

Online Manual

If you have any additional tips, questions, updates or feedback about this document, email

Go to KB0031279 in the IS Service Desk

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