HOWTO: Synchronize a List Manager Email List with another Database

These instructions help List Manager (Lyris) Administrators to synchronize a member list (email recipients) with data from an external database. The sync updates the list on demand; so each time an update is required, the steps outlined below should be followed.


  1. Website address: 
  2. Administrator Rights to a list in List Manager (Lyris)
  3. Login User Name: your email address 
  4. Password can be reset: 
  5. Request that a Database Connection is configured for your list by sending an email to


  1. Log in to 
  2. Check that you are in the right list (see the top right corner)
  3. View Members
  4. Navigate to Synchronization Settings 
  5. Select your Connection
    1. If your list is comprised of more than one data source or Distribution List, you will see more than one Connection to choose from. Choose one at this time; you will come back to this step later and run each Connection individually that you need.
  6. Review the Connection Status Options:
    1. How will member be created? Recommend: No status, no notification
    2. How will members be updated? Depends on how you plan to manage your list.
    3. How will members be removed? Depends on how you plan to manage your list.
    4. Terminate synchronization: Recommend: Do not terminate synchronization due to malformed addresses.
  7. Select Synchronize Now from the left menu under Members
  8. Select OK
  9. Synchronization Complete!
  10. You will repeat the steps for each Connection you would like to synchronize to your list. Please note that duplicate email addresses will not be added twice.

Support: Contact with questions or concerns.

Go to KB0028040 in the IS Service Desk

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