How to add Administrators to your List Manager (Lyris) Mailing List


Once you have administrator access to a list in Lyris, you can manage who has administrative access. Email your list administrator to be added. If you need a new list, please visit the Collaboration section of this website for information and complete this request form.


  1. Log in to
  2. Select Members 
  3. Select Add Members 
  4. Select Basics Tab 
    • Enter email address (name is optional)
  5. Select Admin Tab 
    • Select tabs as appropriate.
  6. Select Settings Tab 
    • Enter a password (you can’t move forward without this step, so make one up!) 
  7. Save
  8. Then, have the new administrator visit this link to reset the password: 

Please contact with questions or concerns.

Online Manual


Go to KB0028045 in the IS Service Desk

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