HOWTO: List Manager (Lyris) Retry Mailings on Transient Failures



These instructions help List Manager (Lyris) Administrators with retrying mailings on transient failures recipients.



1. Website address:

2. Must have List Admin permissions.



1. Log in to

2. Check that you are in the right list (see the top right corner).

3. Navigate to “Mailings” > “Mailing Status” > “All Outgoing Mailings Date



4. Navigate to the filter options and select the following options: Mailing Type = Active Mailings; Lists = (Your List Name)l; From = (Past Date); To = (Current Date/Mailing Date) and then click, "Go".

5. Select and click your “Message ID (blue hyperlink)”.

6. Click the “Recipients” Tab.

7. Click "Retry Mailing".



Support: Contact with questions or concerns.

Go to KB0035276 in the IS Service Desk

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