How to Import a List in List Manager (Lyris)

There are several ways to import new members to a Mailing List in the Lyris List Manager system web-based administrative interface. These instructions describe how to add many new members by importing a spreadsheet. 


To upload a list, you need to have administrator access. Email your list administrator to be added. If you need a new list, please visit the Collaboration section of this website for information and complete this request form.


  1. The columns on your spreadsheet need to be named to match the database, so Lyris knows where to put the data. For example:

    Import Headers

    To see additional column headers, see the list below for commonly used field names.  

  2. Save the file as a CSV or Text File
  3. Log in to 
  4. Select Members then Add Members
  5. Then Import Members from CSV or Text (which ever format you saved the file as)

  6. Keep Action set to 'Import quietly as regular members’

  7. Choose File
  8. Import
  9. Done!  Check your work by navigating to View Members and scroll through.

Commonly used field names *:

Field Name (this must be used as the column header) Notes
EmailAddr_ this is required
Ntuser_ Partners Username

*To see the full list of Field Names, log into Lyris > Members > View Members > select a member > Demographics tab. Use the ‘q1’ ‘q2’ type of fields for data that does not fit the labels that already exists in there. 

Please contact with any questions.

Online Manual

Go to KB0028009 in the IS Service Desk

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