How To Create List Segments in Lyris

These instructions are written for individuals sending email using the List Manager (Lyris) Mailing List System who wish to create targeted sublists within their mailing list. 



If URL tracking is enabled for mailings, links will not work in the archive forum.


  1. Navigate to in your web browser. 
  2. On the left hand navigation bar, click on Segments
  3. On the top right click on Create New Segment buttonCreate Segment
  4. Complete the Essentials
    • This name is not seen by message recipients, so label the content in a way that will help you to identify it later in the Segment main page. A segment name may not have spaces.
      • Segment Description
      • Segment Name
  5. Select the Insert Clause button  (Example: Creating a Statement that says "I want to send an email to only those at BWH on my list")Segments Essentials
  6. Insert Clause >Text Segment Field
  7. Find the demographic field from the drop-down list that matches what you would like to do. In this case, members_Institution_.Segment Demographic 
  8. Enter who you would like to query for this segment. In this case, bwh.
  9. Click the Insert button.
  10. Click Save And Test
    • Lyris will show you the query used in the segment, and a sample of the results so you can see if the segment is selecting the members you want it to select. It is strongly recommended that segments are tested when saved, to make sure that no errors occur.
  11. Redo the previous steps for each segment you wish to create. 
      • Click on Copy next to the segment you'd like to copy. Lyris will ask you the new name of the segment, its new description, and the lists it should be used for.

    • Copying a Segment

NEXT: See Lyris when you are ready to use your new Segment.

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