Dropbox Business allows you to sync, share, and manage your files online. Anyone using Dropbox for Mass General Brigham business purposes will be required to use the primary Dropbox Business account to comply with your institution’s policies, standards and procedures.


In order to access Dropbox Business on your iOS device, you must enroll your device into MobileIron and use the Dropbox EMM app.


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What is MobileIron?

What can Mass General Brigham see?



  1. Open up Safari on your iOS device
  2. Go to http://enroll.partners.org
  3. Enter your Primary Email Address as your username and then tap Next
  4. Enter your Password, and then tap Sign In
  5. An Updating Configuration message will display. Tap OK
  6. For Install Profile, tap Install, enter your Device Passcode, and then tap Install
  7. For Mobile Device Management, tap Install
  8. For Remote Management, tap Trust, and then tap Done



Enrolling into MobileIron:








1. After enrolling your device, you will be prompted to install the MobileIron Go and MobileIron Tunnel apps

2. Tap Install when promptedYour iTunes account will not be charged


MobileIron Go and Tunnel App Icons




Dropbox is a storage and collaboration tool. This is an enterprise version of Dropbox that is different than the standard one found in the Apple APP Store.

1.  Dropbox should begin to install automatically

2.  Tap Install to being the installation.





A configuration that configures your device for your Mass General Brigham email will be pushed to your device within a couple minutes.

  • Open the Dropbox EMM
  • When prompted, sign in using your Primary Email Address
  • This will prompt you to authenticate with single sign on
  • The Single sign on process will require your AD username/Password
  • Once you Allow the single sign on it will complete the setup of your Mass General Brigham Dropbox


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mobile iron  

Go to KB0028927 in the IS Service Desk

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