·  Windstream audio conferencing (usually the number is 1-800-501-8979 with a 7 digit code) can have up to 96, 150 or 300 participants depending on what the account holder requested.

·  Intercall audio conferencing (the number is usually 1- 877-495-8204 or 1-877-398-9657 with a 10 digit code) can have up to 300 for a standard conference and up to 1,000 for an operator-assisted conference which must be arranged a day in advance

·  Zoom allows up to 500 participants.  If you need more, a special request would need to be made for 1,000 or more participants.

·  Teams meetings can have up to 250 participants.  Both the meeting host and participants can join meeting audio from their computer if they have a microphone and speakers or a headset.  To allow participants to dial in, the host needs a Microsoft dial-in conferencing license.


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