HOWTO: Surface Pro 3 Initial Setup

Setup instructions and best practices for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet


  1. Turn on tablet and follow onscreen instructions to customize settings for region, pen, color theme, WIFI (PHSWIFI3), and Windows.
  2. Configure the computer name as T00+UserName (example T00JD123)
  3. Setup a local user account. Microsoft accounts are discouraged due to online storage privacy and security concerns. 

1. Click Create a new account

2. Click Sign in without a Microsoft Office account

3. Create local username and password


Office 365 Installation

Instructions on how to obtain and install Office

Windows PC and an active Mass General Brigham account


  1. Open a ticket by calling the Service Desk at 617-732-5927 (BWH), 617-726-5085 (MGH), 781-416-8940 (McL), or via
  2. Your Mass General Brigham account will be provisioned and instructions will be sent to you via email for Office installation.

VPN Setup

Instructions on how to connect to the Mass General Brigham computer network remotely, access resources that are only accessibly from behind the firewall, i.e. network drives (DFA/SFA/Home Drives)

Windows PC and an active Mass General Brigham account


Please follow these instructions to setup VPN: HOWTO: Windows Phone-based VPN Instructions

Surface Pro 3 Encryption

Encrypt Surface Pro 3 to meet Mass General Brigham standard practices.

Surface Pro 3 running Windows 8.1.


  • Login as an administrator
  • Open the Charms bar by swiping left from the right edge of the screen, or move the mouse cursor to the top-right of the screen, then search for BitLocker.
  • Open Manage BitLocker
    1. Click Turn On BitLocker. 

    2. Select Let BitLocker automatically unlock my drive.

    3. Select Save to a file. 

    4. Save the recovery key to a flash drive, click Save, then Next. Email a copy of this file to your Mass General Brigham account.

    5. Select Encrypt entire drive, click Next

    6. BitLocker needs to restart the PC to confirm compatibility. Click Continue, then restart your PC. 

    7. After restarting and getting back into Window, you should see this confirmation on the task bar. You can continue to work and restart/shutdown as normal, encryption will continue in the background.

    8. BitLocker will notify you when encryption is complete, or you can open BitLocker Manager to check the status. 

Other Information

Go to KB0019988 in the IS Service Desk

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