HOWTO: Windows 7 64-bit Requests

A computer with a 64-bit Operating System provides increased performance, reliability, and processing speed for all computer functions and applications. To be eligible for upgrade, there are specific requirements that must be met.

Requirements for Requesting an Upgrade to Windows 7, 64-bit

1. Supported Device: To be eligible for upgrade, your computer must be listed on the Supported Device List and have a Partners asset tag

2. Office 365 License: You must be licensed to use Office 365 (Office 2016). The IS Service Desk can check your licensing status and open a ticket if needed. 

3. Partners Applications: Not all applications have been certified or available for 64-bit. To check your eligibility, use the Application Checker Tool.

Test your account: Before you upgrade, we recommend that you log in to a 64-bit device to see how your Partners Applications menu displays. A test device is located at Assembly Row, 3rd floor, just outside of the Technology Service Depot (TSD). 

Supported Device

To view Model Type, go to Partners Applications > Utilities > Desktop Information


64-Bit Supported Device List

HP Z210 Workstation SFF HP ZBook 17 G2 Workstation
HP Z220 Workstation SFF HP ZBook 17 G3 Workstation
HP Z230 Workstation SFF HP EliteBook 810 - G1, G2 or G3
HP Z620 Workstation Tower HP EliteBook 820 - G1, G2 or G3
HP Z640 Workstation Tower HP EliteBook 840 - G1, G2 or G3
HP EliteDesk 800 G1 Tower/SFF/USDT/DM HP EliteBook 850 - G1, G2 or G3
HP EliteDesk 800 G2 Tower/SFF/DM35W HP 1040 (Special build only available to members of the HR department)
HP EliteDesk 800 G3 Tower/SFF/DM35W  



Users who meet all requirements should proceed based on their location:

PHS Assembly Row

Refer to HOWTO: Request IS Equipment (PHS)

Users should select Other under Computer Equipment and specify Windows 7 64-bit upgrade within the List item(s) field

Operations Leader approval is required

All Others

Contact the Service Desk to have a ticket escalated to the appropriate techs group

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