TRBL: App Catalog Not Loading (Blank White Screen)

Locating the Partners App Catalog:

For iOS devices, the catalog is a separate app.

If the user reports being unable to locate it, they can use the built in search tool to search for App Catalog. (See for more info)

For Android devices, the Catalog is within the MobileIron Go app.

Open the 'MobileIron Go' app
Tap on the button with the three horizontal lines.
Select the App Catalog from the menu that appears.

App Catalog not loading (blank white screen):

When first launched, the App Catalog will prompt the user to install a client certificate.
If this is declined, then the App Catalog will not load and instead hangs on a blank white screen.

Quit the App Catalog and Safari Apps. (See

Open to Settings>Safari

Scroll down to and tap on "Clear History and Website Data"

Relaunch the App Catalog

Accept the client certificate when prompted. 

Go to KB0038272 in the IS Service Desk

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