INFO: MobileIron: What Mass General Brigham Can and Can Not See on your Mobile Device

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MobileIron is software used by Mass General Brigham to manage and secure mobile devices. As part of the process to register your device with Mass General Brigham and to receive access to corporate resources like Mass General Brigham email and apps, you will need to install the MobileIron app on each personal device that you plan to use for business purposes.

MobileIron tracks device information in order for Mass General Brigham to maintain compliance with corporate policies. MobileIron also provides a way for Mass General Brigham to wipe the device clean of all company information when a user leaves the company, or if the device is lost or stolen. It also monitors required security measures, like password length and complexity, to maintain compliance with Mass General Brigham policies.

MobileIron: What Mass General Brigham can and cannot see on your Device

The MobileIron Administrator can view non-personal device information (e.g. carrier and country, IMEI, MAC Address, etc.), and phone number.

Mass General Brigham cannot view personal email, photos, videos, phone activity (e.g. numbers called, duration, etc.), or web browsing activity on your device.

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